Best Hiking trails in Kenya

With a country rich in diverse rugged topography, below are the best hiking trails in Kenya as shortlisted by our outdoors team.

1: Karura forest
Recognized as one of the world’s biggest forest in an urban setting, Karura forest is one of the best
hiking trail in Nairobi for mild hikers.
This forest saw the Late Nobel peace prize winner Laureate Prof.Wangari Maathai is a host to soothing
waterfalls, historical caves, wetlands great for birdwatching, and a joggers paradise.
Other important attractions that visitors to Karura Forest enjoy are:
• Mau Mau caves
• Scenic waterfalls and rivers
• Picnic sites
• Marked walking trails
• Small wetlands that are habitats for birds
• The incinerator formerly used by the Central Bank of Kenya to burn old currency notes
• The area about which the late Professor Wangari Maathai carried out a campaign against illegal acquisition of forest
Activities available
In Karura Forest, one can undertake the following activities:
• Forest walks
• Forest drives
• Bird watching
• Butterfly watching
• Cycling
• Running
• picnicking

2: Ngong Hills:
Ngong hills make one of the best hiking trails in Kenya, about 24km from Nairobi, this out of Africa
immortalized peaks are perfect for a fitness enthusiast
Ngong hills are located in the northern part of Kajiado county and boast breathtaking views of the
the southern part of the great rift valley. These Hills were voted the world’s most romantic movie locations by
travel zoo and were showcased all over the world by the Oscar-winning film out of Africa retracing the
famous author Karen Blixen owned a farm on the slopes of Ngong hills. Her lover Denys Finch
Hatton, a famous explorer, and hunter actually was buried in the Ngong hills as he wished.
 Exotic forest and indigenous trees
 Wildlife e.g Buffaloes, Wild pigs, porcupine, and dik-diks
 Panoramic views of South rift and Nairobi city
 Nature trails around the hills.
 Windmill turbines


 Hiking
 Picnic
 Camping
 Ziplining
 Events e.g Team building, weddings, etc

3: Longonot
This dormant volcanic mountain unfolds out of the rift valley at an elevation of 2776M ASL. Longonot
is Perfect for moderate hikers
Mt.Longonot is an extinct volcanic mountain locals gave it this name meaning steep ridges
 Crater forest
 Wildlife
 Nature trails
 Birds of prey
 Scenic views

 Camping
 Wildlife viewing
 Birdwatching
 Hiking
 Rock climbing

4: Kihuri
5: The forest Kereita
6: Kamweti
7: Njigari
8: Mucharage
9: Ragia
10: Tigoni hiking trails;
Tigoni trail makes one of the best hiking trails in Kenya for mild walks. This trail gifts gorgeous views of
tea carpeted rolling hills & soothing waterfalls.

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