Kinale/Kijabe Forest Trails

DescripKinale forest is endowed with several hiking routes options from the floor of the rift valley to the

highland rainforest of the Aberdares. Below are the hiking routes descriptions and mainly around
Kijabe/Kinale forest. Many of these trails are part of our Mount Kenya Fitness Training Program hence among the best Kenya Day Trips from Nairobi.

Kijabe waterfalls series

This is a technical 6-7 hour hike for the most adventurous hikers. it can also be done in 3-4 Hours for moderate trekkers. See sample event It starts from Old Kijabe town
rising steeply through the thick forest vegetation. The hiking route follows Tong tong river with
a series of several stunning waterfalls and rapids. This is known to be the toughest of all Kijabe
routes as there are sections that you will require a rope to climb to the next section and to the
furthest waterfall and ideal for abseiling. Usually, before the riverine hike, we explore the dark
tunnel, hot springs, and caves. At the end of it, all the trail exits through the plantation and ends at
Kariko or Gichiengo in Kinale.

Kijabe /Kiharu circuit
The Distance from Nairobi is about 55 km.

The route starts at the intersection of Gichiengo/Kijabe and passes through the village of Magina Village down
to the Kijabe forest section of Kinale forest. This leads us to the lunatic railway. a term coined by Charles Miller to indicate the long-distance of this railway line which forms the better part of the trek of about an hour before reaching the hot springs and the dark tunnel
commonly referred to as with local language as ‘Kamungu ka Nduma’. If there will be no running
water participants can try exploring the tunnel and thus a flashlight is going to be of help.
Starting from the tunnel, the hike takes us to one of the Kiharu in the various hills of the Kinale Forest. From here we walk about 45 minutes to Soko Mjinga. The ascend is steady and moderate which takes between 1hr to 1 and a half to the highest at an altitude of on the brink of
2600m ASL through the cypress plantation. From here we walk for approximately 45mins to the main road, Nairobi Naivasha Highway. This is the endpoint of the hike. The walking duration is 5-6 hours. The hike is Moderate and
The terrain is sloppy and hilly.
Attractions include; Natural forest, with the scenic view of the great-rift-valley, rich history of the
area, old railway, hot spring, and tunnel.


This hike encompasses two hills altogether. the primary hill is that the Kijabe/Kenton hill that lies on the
floor of the valley adjacent to Kikuyu Escarpment. Capitol Hill rises at an altitude of 2500 meters
above water level. The second hill is that the ‘reloaded’ and lies on the escarpment wall of the rift
valley in Kinale forest. The hike takes 6-7hrs ending at the Soko Mjinga along Nairobi/Naivasha

highway. Hike rated as difficult.