Hiking Tips for Beginners

Beginners often lack experience on the mountain; how to place your foot on the ground, how to layer for different weathers, how to use the Gears and equipment, or even how to manage your own pace to avoid energy loss.  hence quite possible to get themselves into emergency situations fast enough. These tips are meant to enhance transitional growth from a smooth walker to a mountain hiker while enjoying the outdoors.

    1. Pick the right Trail                                                                                                                                                     Kenya’s Network of Hiking Trails (https://www.wildsprings.co.ke/blog-details.php?BlogDetail=12) is quite rich and offers routes for every level. Work your way up, Start small develop gradually as you build endurance. This will help your body adjust in the easiest way that will give you an opportunity to experience nature.

    2. Gradually Work Your Way Up Fitness training requires gradual advancement. The ultimate reason to get outdoors is to enjoy not suffer. Suffering occurs when you push the body beyond the limits it can handle . here is a brief Transition Process From Walker to Mountain Hiker

  1. Walking

  2. Walking usually has no particular goal is a more casual stroll in nature. This is the best place to start. Example Karura Forest, Ololua Nature trail



  3. Has a goal and mostly the summit is usually the reward. Most hiking trips are done is a day trips. At these levels, hikers have the benefit to test their endurance against the time of trekking. Example Gatangu Waterfalls Chase, Elephant Hill 

    Mountain Hiking

  4. Most mountain Hiking trips involve going above the tree line. This means hiking on high elevation which requires built endurance and acclimatization connection from several hiking Trips. Mountain hiking involves more than one day in most cases. Example Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro3. Look ahead

    1. Slowly Work Your Way Up

    2. It is easier with a friend or a community

    3. Don’t be a Hero