Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National park forms ones of the biggest conservation ecosystem on earth. The park is divided by Mombasa highway to form Tsavo east and Tsavo west National Park. Tsavo is famous for their big red elephants that only match their counter parts in Amboseli. The fierce ghost like Man eating lions of Tsavo brought this park into the film world. They were the main feature in the movie ghost and darkness. Besides wildlife Tsavo features a rugged like, semi-arid terrain, Mzima springs, shetani lava flow, Ngulia Rhino sanctuary, scenic views of mount Kilimanjaro and surrounding taita hills, the palm shaded galena river and Yatta plateau. How to get there Tsavo national park is 240km from Nairobi and 250km from Mombasa by road. The parks can also be reached by air. Where to stay Tsavo national park is served by a wide range of accommodations both within and beyond the parks borders. Where to sleep all depends with one’s pocket capabilities and your agent can help you pick one. Frequently asked Questions about Tsavo What is Tsavo Most famous for In kenya? Tsavo is famous for its abundant wildlife especially the Big red elephants, the infamous man eating lions during the railway building and Mzima springs. How big is Tsavo National Park? Together Tsavo east and Tsavo west form a massive ecosystem of 22,812 Sq Km What animals are found in Tsavo? Tsavo is a huge ecosystem very rich in wildlife e.g. Elephants, Lions, Crocodiles, rhinos buffaloes, wild dogs, cheetah, giraffes, zebras etc. and prolific birdlife with upto 600 species recorded. What does the word Tsavo mean? Tsavo means river in Maasai.