10 Must do things to do in Nairobi

1] Nature and wildlife

Nairobi boasts the only city with a wild national park in the world. Since time immemorial Nairobi National park has always been abundant with flora and fauna. The park has a lot of wildlife and hosts the most successful rhino breeding sanctuary. For those who wouldn’t wish to do a game drive, they can visit the animal orphanage or the Nairobi safari Safari walk. Besides visiting the park, Feeding giraffes at the giraffe center and at visiting the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage is one of the topmost experiences not to miss. One can also visit the snake park at the National Museum or Feed crocodiles at Mamba Village.

2] Shopping in Nairobi 

Nairobi is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Africa with major regional and international brands represented here. Maasai Markets are one of the most famous cultural markets in Nairobi offering cultural crafts. They are located in different areas at different times of the week. Utamanduni craft village is also one not to miss for quality products. A visit to the Kazuri beads factory exposes you to how one of the most exported beads comes alive. For those who would wish to visit Food markets, Marikiti Market is a one-stop as most foods are grown around Kenya land in this market before they are supplied to the smaller markets in the estates. You may also visit the city and City Park market for fresh fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Shopping Malls; Nairobi's urban scene is a mix of local and western culture which is showcased in its state of the art city malls. The best malls to hang out are Two rivers, Sarit Center, The junction, The hub, Village Market, Garellia, the Garden city mall, and Yaya Center.

3] Walking city tour

 A walk through the city is a great way to experience the spirit of Nairobi. Having a local guide accompany you, will add more value as they take you through the building of the city which revolved around the lunatic railway line building in the 18th Century. During the day most Nairobians like to relax at Central or Uhuru Park. A space that saw the Late Nobel Prize winner Laureate Wangari Mathai shed Blood-fighting for its conservation. Nairobi has the Most Breathtaking Sunset and sunrise, the best place to experience this, is on the rooftop of Kenya International Convention center. The above are just some of the priceless moments in the city that combine this with its vibrant public transport, Matatus as they are known locally. Matatus are a combination of artistic expression through Graffiti and an awesome way to listen to local music of the club scene haha.

4] Museums & Heritage tours 

Nairobi National Museum is the best place to learn about Kenya’s rich heritage. Different ethnics’ cultural norms are showcased, so is our flora and fauna, our history as a country be it Monetary, political, or cultural it’s well captured. Nairobi National Museum is also home to the oldest human skeleton ever excavated the Turkana boy. Estimated to have lived 1.6 million years ago. Nairobi Gallery is a national monument located at the city center holding a temporary art exhibition. The Gallery also showcases different cultural ornaments across Africa. Unlike its sister the National archives showcase livelihoods, traditional practices, and cultural armors of different ethnic groups across Africa. A visit to Nairobi Railway Museum and Karen Blixen museum exposes you to a colonial-era of bringing civilizations of vuta nikuvute. The interesting historical era of good and bad on equal measure.


5] Experience Nairobi Night Life 

Nairobi offers the most bustling nightlife in East Africa. There are plenty of bars and clubs one can hang out, from Sports bars, night clubs hosting live bands or DJs hosted all over the city. The best and secure places are in the suburbs. We highly recommend hang out places in Westland’s e.g the Alchemist, Hurlingham, The carnivore, Runda - The lord Errol ETC.

6] Dining in Nairobi

 Eating in Nairobi can be an interesting adventure given most, best restaurants offer cosmopolitan cuisines. From Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Kenyan, street foods, etc even the vegans haven’t been left behind. Those interested in Culinary experiences will have more fun as they shop in local markets and get to prepare local dishes and exchange recipes or fuse cuisines.


7] Hiking and Nature walk

 For hiking enthusiasts there are many hiking trails near Nairobi e.g the NgongHills. They are five hills with breathtaking views of the southern rift valley. For Nature walk trails in the city center try Michuki people’s park. On the outskirts, Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary, Oloolua Nature trail, and Giraffe center nature trail are good options.