Hiking Essentials for beginners

The Aberdare Trails, Mount Kenya, Mt Kilimanjaro Mt Ruwenzori, or whichever mountains you choose, you’ll need some hiking essentials. Whenever going Outdoors, It’s better to be safe than sorry hence absolute need to be well prepared.

  1. Hiking Backpack

A hiking backpack is an essential item that can make your experience or ruin your outdoor experience. It should be the ideal size to carry everything you need for the day and comfortable enough for your back. Hiking essential for a day trip includes Poncho, Hydration pack, Headlamp, down jacket, gloves and a rain trouser in case it rains

For a day-hike, look for a backpack in a 20-40 liters range. To ensure absolute comfort and fit your body size, you ought to try it on in-store before buying and, most significantly, with a load. That why it’s paramount to go to a physical shop than shopping online not unless when you are sure of a brand you have used before or tried by someone else. Grab some items from the outdoor shop, at least 5 kg, adjust the straps and move around to see how it feels.

hiking gear list for beginners
Hiking Backpack

Other features look for in a hiking Backpack:

  • Plenty of inner and outer compartments pockets

  • Waist belt or hip belt (with pockets) so you’ll be able to lighten the pressure of the backpack from your shoulders

  • Rain cover for short rains