Walking & Hiking in Kenya

DeKenya’s network of Hiking Trails is quite rich and offers routes for every level. From Walking in Karura Forest to Climbing to Lenana or Batian Peak, Waterfall chasing, Camping, or even lakes visit here is a list of things to do in Kenya

  1. Hiking Trails For Beginners

Beginners often lack experience on the mountain, hence quite possible to get themselves into emergency situations fast enough. Here are Hiking Tips for Beginners. These tips are meant to enhance transitional growth from a smooth walker to a mountain hiker while enjoying the outdoors.

  1. Pick the right Trail

  2. Look ahead

  3. Slowly Work Your Way Up

  4. It is easier with a friend or a community

  5. Don’t be a Hero

Hiking Trails for Those with a Fear of Heights (Acrophobia)

Hiking Trails For Advanced Hikers

  1. Elephant Hill

Looking to venture into the mountains despite a fear of heights? Good preparation and the right route will open the door to the world of mountain hiking for you too.


There are several types of Hikers, which one are you? Hiking has a lot of benefits hence gathers different kinds of hikers to the trails. Here is a list, if you notice a left-out section please comment with detail and it will be updated in due time.

  1. Self-Reliant or Gadget Hikers

Self-Reliant Hikers are also known as Gadget Hikers. Self-Reliant Hikers usually see no problem to pack as much of what they feel they need. They can carry as much as 15kg, even for a day trip. They carry all the essentials from an emergency care medical kit to different sorts of Fruits, Nuts, and snacks. They pack all the essentials that you simply think you won’t need but you ultimately will during the climb. They plan and anticipate for all weathers. They have survived in mind always.scription...