World war 1 Battlefield sites in Taita Taveta County, Kenya

Meta Description: The World War I battlefields in Taita Taveta County, Kenya, are some of the most important sites commemorating this conflict. Learn more about the history of these sites and what you can see today.

War & History of World War 1 in Taveta County, Kenya

The World War I battlefields in Taita Taveta County, Kenya, are some of the most important sites commemorating this conflict. The war was between the British soldiers and the Germany Troops.

For centuries, the rich history of Taita Taveta County in Kenya has been a source of fascination and mystery. Filled with rare archaeological sites and World War 1 battlefields. Whether you’re a traveler seeking adventure or a researcher studying the events from one hundred years ago, here, you will get ample of the past in this illustrious war region. Exploring some of these mesmerizing sites from WW1 that have become treasured parts of our shared history. Stories worth telling time and time again. The memorials of the war are spread in villages in Bura, Taveta, Salaita, Voi, and Maktau. 

Maktau World War I Memorial Cemetry

The Indian Memorial Cemetry lies at Maktau, Mwatate-Taveta road, Taita Taveta County, Taveta sub-county. Maktau, in the Taveta sub-county, is believed to be a corruption of the military command “mark time.” The British held this town when the Germans, then in charge of Tanzania, tried to storm it. Today, Maktau tells us very little about its history. People in that area avoided the conflict and did not pick a side. Kenya does not care much about this history either. However, The Indian community (Now Kenyan Citizens)wanted the memorial because many are descendants of the heroic Indian Army Expeditionary Force soldiers to honor their legacy.

Kenyan citizens, many of whom are descendants of the heroic Indian Army.

At the time of construction, the casualties at this site were commemorated collectively on a memorial within the cemetery without their names. The individual graves were not marked, although the names of casualties known to be honored here were included in a cemetery register. In 2000, the names of all identified casualties within the cemetery were added to the memorial.

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The cemetery has no permanent staff, so it is locked with a coded padlock. If you intend to visit this site, book a Heritage tour with us.

Mwashoti Bridge, Maili 27

The scenic Taita-Taveta region harbors a wealth of historical monuments commemorating the battles that took place during World War I. These hallowed memorials are spread throughout villages in Bura, Salaita, Voi, and Maktau. Mwashoti Bridge, Maili 27, is one of these features. Mwashoti is a corrupted name from an Order issued by German Troops to British Soldiers. German troops sent out an order for “No More Shooting,” but due to misinterpretation by their messenger was heard as “Mwashoti” instead!

The Sniper Tree-The Hollow Baobab Tree

This legendary Sniper Tree is a hollow Baobab that looms over Salaita Hill. Importantly, this majestic tree bears witness to an incredible story from World War I, where a brave and determined German woman sought revenge for her fallen husband. The husband was killed in battle by British soldiers. For several days she ambushed British soldiers with deadly accuracy and without detection. Eventually, the British captured and later killed her in her act of heroic desperation. Her bravery lives on through this hauntingly beautiful piece of history known as The Sniper Tree! Thanks to its large size, hollow stem, and side opening.

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