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Gatangu Waterfall’s Chase

June 19 @ 5:00 am - 5:00 pm

Gatango Waterfalls

About Gatangu Waterfall’s Chase

Gatangu Waterfall’s Chase is located in Zuti forest Othaya, Mucharage Nyeri County. Forms part of the southern Aberdares block which also includes Kihuri, Njigari, and Gura forests. Gatangu also means Gatango. This trail combines breathtaking natural views of tea zones, indigenous trees, and Bamboo forest cover. Great for earthing, forest bathing, and hiking. waterfall abseiling can also be done here. Hence, making it one of the best hiking trails in Kenya. The hike commences from Mucharage. It’s adjacent to the Othaya water treatment plant. This is also the starting point for the Kihuri forest bathing tour. in addition, on a clear day, views of Mount Kenya will mesmerize your soul and motivate you. The trek is approximately 16 kilometers.

History of Gatangu Waterfall’s Chase

Spectacular carpeted rolling hills of the Nyayo tea zone open the trail. Leading to the open fields. Cleared in the 1990s as a result of farming. Further on, the trail leads deeper into Zuki forest. Zuki is derived from the word Thuti as the British colonialist couldn’t pronounce the name. The forest covers an area of about 8000 acres and joins the southern Aberdares block. During the colonial period, this forest served as a hideout to Mau Mau soldiers. The local women discreetly delivered food to them in their solidarity to fight the British colonialists.

More about Gatangu Trail

Gently, the trail leads deeper into the indigenous forest. The aroma from the trees and the fresh breeze will make you desire to never leave. From a distance, you can now hear the Gatango waterfalls roar with might as each of the water drops gush the rocks. In a few meters, the hike takes a descent leading to the waterfall. The ground here is a little wet because of the splashing water from the waterfall. Importantly a pair of good hiking boots & trekking poles are recommended. Spend the magical moment here. Feel the connection and the joy of making it to Gatangu waterfalls. Thereafter, embark on the trek up to the bamboo zone as we exit the forest.

As you exit you feel lighter, you feel refreshed and renewed. Afterward, continue straight ahead, onto the bamboo forest towards the highest point in Gatango forest, 2460M above sea level. This is the highest elevation on this hike. Finally, the hikes end at Mucharage.

Highlights of Gatangu Waterfall’s Chase Tour

  • 16 Kilometers Trek, the hike starts & ends at Mucharage
  • Experience Gatangu Waterfalls
  • Scenes of tea zones, native trees, and Bamboo forest cover
  • Amazing views of Mount Kenya in a bright weather
  • 2460M ASL altitude
  • Vast Mau Mau Uprising History


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