Kihuri Forest Aberdare ranges

Kihuri Forest Bathing Experience

Aberdare is a range of mountains; Kihuri Forest is one of the mountains under Aberdare ranges. Our team head out for some forest bathing experience adventure over the weekend and Kihuri Forest is a thrill.

Chances are, like most of the world’s population, you are spending a lot of your time cooped up indoors and entranced by the hustle and bustle of city life. Bet you didn’t know that your body is biologically designed to like being in nature, as we are part and parcel of it. It’s embedded in our DNA. Our indoor and urban lifestyle has resulted in an increase of nature-deficit disorders, especially in children, affecting their behaviour and mood, consequently leading to depression, anxiety and poor concentration. Nonetheless, not all is lost yet.

Mother nature has a natural way of rejuvenating us in the form of forest bathing. You may be thinking of swimming in the pools in forests or taking a bath in the refreshing waters of waterfalls. Yes, but that’s not only it. Penning it down in simple words, forest bathing is immersing yourself in nature for the purpose of relaxation and fun. Imagine the sounds of the forest, birds chirping excitedly to their never-ending songs, the wind howling as it smoothly brushes against the leaves, the scent of the trees and moist soil in the fresh clean air and most of all seeing the sun’s rays adamantly trying to play through the canopies gives one some sort of joy.

In the words of John Muir, “In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks.’’ As nature distances people, physically and mentally, from suppressed situations. Engaging all your senses with nature has its own benefits. It eases our stress and anxiety thus making us relax and think more clearly. Furthermore, it restores our mood and replenishes our energy and vitality. In addition to this, a recent study shows that spending time outdoors helps promote a positive body image, increase self-worth as it makes us realize the insignificance of our problems and decreases our self-consciousness.

Aberdare ranges Kihuri Forest

Over the weekend, Wild Springs Adventures hosted an unforgettable forest bathing odyssey to Kihuri Forest in the ‘Scotland with Lions’ the Aberdare ranges. Renowned for hosting the Ark, a hotel literally shaped like Noah’s Ark, and the Treetops Hotel, where Queen Elizabeth climbed a tree as a princess and had the most exhilarating experience and climbed down from the tree a Queen, as narrated by her bodyguard, Jim Corbett. The Aberdares offers a very different landscape from the wide, open plains of the African Savannah, characterized by crystal clear streams, numerous waterfalls a mixture of moorland and bamboos.

From the onset, our journey was truly magical. As the weather on this particular day was favourable, very clear and up-close and personal views of the snow peaks of Mount Kenya could be seen in the distance making a great backdrop for photography lovers. After a short photo session, we trekked through the forest with the help of armed community guides, who ensured that our trek was without any trouble while we took our time to become one with the surroundings.

En route, two kilometres in, we stopped by River Gikira. Its cool waters were so enticing that we couldn’t resist and had a quick swim, laughing heartily while making memories that will indelibly remain with us for a long time. We then continued with the trek, passing the forests of bamboos and came to the renowned, Thuti River. Any mention of Kihuri Forest is associated with the magical Thuti Rivers as it meanders down the horizon

We trekked a total of 16 Kilometres, an achievement for some of us but most of all, the time spent away from the fast-paced lane of city life was really therapeutic. We finished the hike and what awaited us at the Kihuri Water Station was a freshly prepared late lunch, which we devoured easily as we were famished from the engaging activity.

If you missed out on this experience, we have scheduled activities that happen every weekend, that is meant to help you discover new places, train to become a better hiker, and most importantly, unlock your potential, that many of us never thought they had. Join our outdoors community, let’s explore together.

Cheers to many more life-changing connections.

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