Kenya Mission Trips & Safaris

This is a special arrangement that combines engagement (skills, knowledge, labour, and funds) in a community development and or empowerment mission that is owned, initiated and designed by a specific indigenous local community or institution and implemented in partnership and participation with them with a series of tailor made Safaris.

International short-term mission trips offer a unique opportunity to participate in and witness faithfulness of Christ manifested when Christ-followers from vastly different backgrounds work together.

All of our short-term mission trips are connected with a Local Pastor from a local Church who shares the needs of the community and how the partnering group can co-work with the Host community to address these needs. As partners you serve alongside the local pastors and ministry leaders who are active and engaged in their local communities, but need assistance with both reaching their communities for Christ and completing various projects around their churches and home communities.

On your mission trip, you will focus on building relationships with the local church and community. You will also work to help complete physical projects, participate in children’s ministry, Pastoral institute & Trainings and do community outreach, led by the local church. The mission Trip starts with the projects you have signed up for and ends with a rare experience of visiting one of Kenyan Safari destinations where wildlife Animals walk freely on the parks and reserves. Our packages for Kenya Mission trips are based on the projects set as part of what the local leaders has envisioned for the community.

College Mission Trips

College students are looking for a place to make a meaningful impact. Amplify that impact by partnering alongside a local church.

Youth Group Mission Trips

Deepen your youth mission trip by doing ministry built on genuine partnerships, long term relationships, and sustainable ministry.

Adult Mission Trips

Our customizable mission trips allow each person on your team of adults to find a place to serve, regardless of their interest or skills.


There’s room for everyone to serve

Children's Ministry

Minister to children through leading kids' clubs, Vacation Bible School, puppet shows, crafts, Bible stories, sports, skits, and games.

Church Ministry

Worship alongside a local church and participate by providing special music, sermons, testimonies, or help lead Sunday School.


Assist the local church in outreach by handing out Bibles, street evangelism, door-to-door visits, or sharing the gospel through community movie nights.

Service Projects

Provide tangible support through your work on various projects from painting, roofing, cement work, tiling, or whatever projects your local partner identifies in the community.

Sports Ministry

Use sports such as soccer, basketball, Frisbee, volleyball, or any large-group game as a platform for building relationships and sharing the gospel.

Mercy Ministry

Be the hands and feet of Christ as you visit and minister to those that others may have forgotten in orphanages, hospitals, prisons, and senior centers.

Are you ready to serve

There’s room for everyone to serve


Whether you are traveling to different destinations or you are returning for a second or third safari the continuity from centralizing all of your travel plans ensures that your safari runs smoothly from start to finish.


From the moment you start planning your private safari until you say goodbye I will be there with you every step of the way to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your nature and wildlife experience.


We will work with you to customize everything from the level of accommodation to the destination and areas to visit in order to maximise the potential to see and experience as much as possible.

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