Fitness Training for Mt Kenya

Mount Kenya Beginners Fitness Training Program

Train with us; learn to be a climber… not just a client!!

Preparation and planning are paramount when looking towards a successful climb. Not only do we wish all our clients to successfully achieve their goals but a good standard of fitness will ensure you have fun doing so! This program is intentional to guide you through the skills and fitness training needed to successfully summit Mt Kenya’s third-highest peaks.

Hiking to lose weight or to summit as many peaks as you can, that is a good place to start. Sign up for this fitness training and use it the way you see best and modify it for your own purposes, but keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to be as physically prepared as you can possibly be for this adventure. Let’s Go!!!

Kiambicho & Kiamuti Hills

Kiambicho & Kiamuti Hills

Kiambicho & Kiamuti Hills it’s one of the best trails in Kenya, at Sagana riverKiambicho Hike Itinerary Pickup point: KENCOM Arrival Time: 5:30 am Departure : 5:45am Starting the Hike: 8:00 am Lunch Stopover : 3:00pm Departure for Nairobi : 4:00pm Strictly observe punctuality Tour leader: Sir Dennis: 0729 675178 Important Brief 1. Shoes with …

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