How long does it take to climb mount Longonot?

Mount Longonot Fitness Trek

Enjoy an exclusive sheer adventure with a complete adrenaline rush climbing Mount Longonot. The mountain of many ridges, as it is known among the local Maasai language is a must-go-to getaway in the serene location near Lake Naivasha. do you need a guide for mount Longonot? how long does it take to climb mount longonot? …

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Rurimeria Moorland Trek Aberdares

Home of Real mountain experience head to Rurimeria Moorlands, Aberdares Sunday 27th February, We invite YOU to explore with us the beauty of Aberdares terrain and Adventure. Sign Up 0729 257 317 of 0721 957 652 It will take u 2.5 hours from Nairobi to Rurimeria Starting Point Estimated Hiking time 4 to 5 …

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Ndeiya Ridge Explore

It’s one of the best hiking trails in Kenya or the best hiking place in Nairobi. The trail is just 9 Kilometres and the second Pre-Hike to Mount Kenya Fitness Training Program. This trail straddles the border of Maasai & Kikuyu communities. It’s a great & famous rock climbing spot. Ndeiya region is considered a center of national or historical interest because of the mass graves that have continued to attract tourists and researchers interested in Kenyan History.

The mass graves are a result of victims of the torturous actions of the British officers during the Mau Mau resistance movement which was fighting for Kenya’s independence and land rights for Africans. Ndeiya region is about 54.8 kilometers (33 miles) as it stretches from the lower Ngong hills area; Kibiku to the Mutarakwa Mai along Mahiu road where the trail starts. Some of the other hiking trails in the Ndeiya region include Ruthigiti and Nachu trails.

Kiambicho & Kiamuti Hills Trek

Home For Real mountain experience once again invites you to join a great community of outdoor lovers we have a date with the unique Kiambicho and Kiamuti Hills. These Hills are in Sagana, Kirinyaga County, which adjacently borders Murang’a county. Let’s go hiking, let’s go explore the uniqueness of Kenyan trails It will take u …

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