Fitness Training for Mt Kenya

Fit 4 Mt Kenya Climb| 4 Months Training Program 18th -22nd August 2021 (2nd edition)

Our Fit for Mt Kenya program is designed for those who dream of summiting Mt Kenya but have little or no Hiking experience. This program will guide you through the skills and fitness training needed to successfully summit Mt Kenya’s third-highest peaks.

We are a professional Tour Company Tour and adventure tour operator based in Parklands, Nairobi. We are also into Outdoor wear, Gears & Equipment. Our expert guides have vast experience on Mt Kenya culminating from regular climbs and qualifications from regular pieces of training. All our Guides & Porters hold the Kenya wildlife Service Cards & they are Part of Local Guides Associations. That makes us the best at what we do: training and guiding guests on the Mountains.

WHAT is required?

Get Fit

Improve your general fitness and strength before the climb.  There several ways to do this

  1. Scheduled Hikes

Our program has well-organized treks arranged for you meant to help you improve your agility, endurance, and Altitude gain capacity before the climb

  1. Cardiovascular & Physical Fitness

General fitness and strength cannot be realized by hiking only, engage your body in a lot of cardiovascular activities that will improve your general fitness. Recommended activities include swimming, running, long-distance and rock climbing

  1. Mental Preparedness/Mental Well Being

Positive thinking goes hand in hand with physical fitness; your mind must believe that you can. Keep your mind open to new challenges and scenarios that may call for a slight deviation from laid-out routes

  1. Get The Clothing Right

Your safety while at the mountain starts with the Gears & Equipment. Get quality gears between now and the day of the climb. We are offering FREE consultations on gears & Equipment. Make the RIGHT choice


There are a number of different trekking routes up Mt Kenya. For this challenge, we’ve chosen the most spectacular of them all – the Chogoria route. This route will take you through Lake Ellis, Lake Michaelson, Nithi Waterfalls, Mugi Hills, Giants Billiards Table Mountain, the Gate, Gorge Valley, The Temple, Hall Tarns, Point Lenana, and other features of Mt Kenya. We will climb for 5 Days 4 Nights to allow the bodies to acclimatize and disharmonize

Offers & Complimentary

  • FREE Professional HD pictures during the climb
  • FREE HD Video of all the participants
  • FREE Accommodation (Tent & Camping Mattress)
  • FREE consultations on gears & Equipment
  • Subsidized hikes to enable you to train accordingly


Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us

+254 729 257 317 or / +254 721 957 652


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