Down Sleeping Bags for Mountaineering in Nairobi, Kenya

Shop our top-rated, lightweight Outdoor Sleeping Bags designed for ultimate comfort in any camping or hiking adventure. Whether camping in a warm area like Sleeping Warrior or ticking Mount Kenya’s essential gear and equipment checklist, we have the right product for you. Check out this winter series camping bag.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Nylon 400T
  • Filling: Down
  • Size: 2108050cm
  • Package included: Sleeping bag + carry bag.
  • Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Orange
  • Temperature: – 10,- 15 -20 -25 Degrees
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Introducing the Down Sleeping Bag, specifically designed for exceptional warmth, comfort, and durability during your thrilling mountain expeditions. Tackle the mighty peaks of Mount Kenya, mt Kilimanjaro, Ruwenzori, and Mount Elgon with confidence, knowing that you’ll have a cozy refuge to rest your weary body at the end of each day on your adventure. This premium camping and hiking sleeping bag offers unparalleled protection against frigid temperatures, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the next day’s challenges.

Temperature Range: -10°C to -25°C 

The Down Sleeping Bag boasts an outstanding temperature range of -10 °C to -25 °C. Hence, it is perfect for keeping you warm during those chilly mountain nights. The high-loft goose-down filling provides unbeatable warmth, allowing you to rest comfortably even in the harshest weather conditions. Say goodbye to sleepless nights shivering in the cold with this all-weather champion of a sleeping bag.

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Top-notch material for Warmth and Durability

Made with Nylon 400T, our Down Sleeping Bag offers superior insulation, thanks to its down filling. The combination of these materials guarantees to provide you with the warmth and comfort you need throughout the night, no matter how cold or harsh the environment is.

Available in four stylish colors: Our Down is conveniently available in four striking colors: Red, Black, Blue, and Orange. Additionally, includes a handy packing carry bag for easy transportation.

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Waterproof Camping Bag, Durable and Easy to Clean

Designed to confront all types of demanding outdoor conditions, this Down Bag boasts a completely waterproof nylon shell. Dirt on your sleeping bag? No problem! Just wipe it clean with a damp towel, and rest assured that your bag remains impermeable.

Equipped with two premium zippers and horizontal baffles, this sleeping bag is made to last, guaranteeing long-term effectiveness and durability. Moreover, the package includes both a sleeping bag and a convenient carry bag for easy transportation. If you are looking for a waterproof sleeping bag, this one is for you.

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Temperature Range in Degrees

Our Down Sleeping Bag has been meticulously designed to keep you toasty throughout the night, even when the temperature drops to a chilly -10 °C to 25 °C. Tested in some of the most unforgiving environments, you can have absolute confidence in this outdoor camping bag to keep you comfortable and warm during your mountain expeditions.

-10 Comfort 

-15 Lower Comfort Level

-20 Extreme Comfort

-25 Survival Mode 

A camper comfortably nestled inside a cozy blue sleeping bag featuring a built-in hood, providing extra warmth and protection against the elements while enjoying the great outdoors.

Sleeping Bag Washing Instructions for Long-lasting Care

To ensure your goose-down camping Bag stays in excellent condition, follow our simple washing instructions:

  1. Avoid dry cleaning your camping bag.  
  2. Opt for spot cleaning if possible.  
  3. If necessary, use a large-capacity front-loading washing machine and dryer at a laundromat.  
  4. Set the dryer on low heat, ensuring it is thoroughly dry before placing it back in its storage.

Choose this Down Sleeping Bag for your outdoor expeditions and experience the ultimate combination of warmth, comfort, and durability. Don’t settle for anything less when facing extreme environments – equip yourself with the best gear and enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest with our cold-weather sleeping bag.

Why Choose Our Down Camping Bag?

  • Comfortable and warm throughout the night (-10°C to -25°C)
  • Lightweight and compressible, it is perfect for mountain expeditions
  • Made with high-quality Nylon 400T and goose-down
  • Waterproof, weather-resistant outer shell
  • Easy maintenance and long-lasting durability

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