Mount Kenya Trekking Routes & Trails

Sirimon trail in mount Kenya
Old Moses to Shipton’s camp trail

Mount Kenya Trekking is an experience like no other. With its towering peaks and stunning views. It’s no wonder that this mountain is a popular destination for hikers worldwide. Before setting off on Mt Kenya Climb, you need to know a few things. 

Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa. Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. Mt Kenya has three prominent peaks. Batian and Nelion Peak are technical peaks. Above all, the Batian peak is the highest (5199m). Nelion(5188 meters) while Point Lenana lies at 4985 meters.

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know before embarking on your Mt Kenya journey. We’ll highlight the basics, such as how to get to Mt Kenya. Inform on what to bring with you for Mt Kenya Climb. Importantly, information about each climbing route. So read on and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

harris tarn, a small lake in mount kenya

Firstly, the route to take up mount Kenya is very paramount. There are many different trekking routes on this incredible mountain. Some offer spectacular views while others take you closer to nature’s beauty than ever before! 

Chogoria Route | The Most scenic Mount Kenya Trekking Route

The Chogoria route is the most scenic trail on this mountain. An excellent choice for those who want to get off the beaten path. Best trekking route if keen to experience unique scenery. The track passes through awe-inspiring mountain ranges—our favorite trail of choice under the Mt Kenya Fitness Training Program. The Chogoria route trekking package offers you plenty of opportunities. Enjoy nature’s beauty while also seeing wildlife at higher altitudes. Furthermore, This route features; Lake Ellis, Lake Nithi Waterfalls, Michaelson, and Gorges Valley. Check out more on Chogoria Route Trekking package.
Timau Route | The majestic Picturesque Route

Timau route is a picturesque route. This route approaches from the north side of Mt. Kenya. Initially, it meanders over gentle slopes before at 4200m. The trekking trail becomes steeper in terrain that drops suddenly down into Hinde Valley. The trail crosses the Nithi River North, which flows through a part-dry forest area with scenic moorland along its banks! It provides you with stunning visuals of the Peaks and beyond when it is clear. Unlike other trails, Timau Route is not a popular route. Hence, you will have an undisturbed trekking experience. It takes between four to six days to climb Mt Kenya on the Timau route. Check out the Mount Kenya trekking Package via the Timau route

Burguret Route The Most Serene Mount Kenya Trekking Route

The Burgeret route starts in the lush, green forest zone above Gathiuru Forest Station. Gathiuru Forest Station is a Forest station still in use by Kenya Forest Service. Specifically, to monitor and protect this forest section of the mountain. The first two days of this mountain trek include hiking through dense bamboo forests. Heathland with velvet moorlands marks the forest cutline. For example, the vegetation displaying pink flowers dotting rolling hillsides affirms you are on a high elevation.

The Burgeret Route is a more serene way to Mt Kenya than any other route. This path approaches the mountain on its western side, through Nanyuki Town. It is not a busy route. For this reason, the British and Kenya Military occasionally train on this route. If you are looking for a more relaxing trip, the Burgeret Route is perfect. Burgeret Trekking package has more details on this route.

Sirimon Route is possibly the busiest route of all the routes. It’s the most accessible way to hike Mt Kenya. It’s a two to four-day trip during climbing expeditions. For instance, the Sirimon trail is severally in use by mountain runners. Hikers with a better high altitude capability can manage to point Lenana in a single day. This hiking track has some of the most spectacular landscapes you will ever see. However, one can drive up to 3300 meters above sea level! In addition, this route is ideal since it has two accommodation facilities: the Old Moses Camp and the Shipton Camp. Notably, It’s the only route with a complete accommodation plan, unlike the Chogoria, Burgeret, and Timau routes.

Naromoru Route | The fastest Mount Kenya Trekking Route.

The Naromoru route approaches the mountain peaks from the west. Naromoru gate station serves as the main headquarters office for the mountain. For many, years Naromoru route has been the most popular route. However, it seems like the Sirimon route has become more popular. Naromoru is the fastest route to get to Point Lenana. Naromoru route has a famous, notorious moorland bog section. Indeed, without proper footwear, trekking can be such a nightmare. 

Suppose you are looking for an eco-tourism experience with the chance of seeing wildlife. In particular, this is your route! A dense indigenous forest exists from the station gate to Mackinder’s camp. Hence, making it possible to spot wildlife species. Read more details on the Naromoru route trekking package.

Kamweti Route | The Most Adventurous Route

The journey up to Point Lenana through the Kamweti trail is a unique and rewarding experience. While other routes may be clear trails, this is not the case for the Kamweti trail. The Kamweti route is not your typical hiking trail! It is rough underfoot with dense forest and lush bamboo sections.

The journey up via Kamweti starts at Castle Forest Lodge on the southern slopes of this majestic mountain. It’s an adventurous trip. Furthermore, there are no mountain huts along the way. It is a real camping and backpacking experience. Mackinders camp is the first camp you will come across using Kamweti Route. 

The Kamweti Route is the best path to explore Mt Kenya’s lesser-known corners. Suppose you’re an explorer with no fears of boldly going where few have gone before. Hence, this will be your path! Browse more on Kamweti trekking package

Naro Moru Route
Mount Kenya offers an unforgettable experience for climbers of all levels. To help you select the best route to suit your preferences and abilities, here’s an overview of the main climbing routes available on Mount Kenya.

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