Mount Satima & Dragons Teeth Hike

Mount Satima is another name for Le Satima or Ol Donyo Le Satima. The name emanates from the Maasai dialect. Ol Donyo Le Satima translates to “mountain of the bull calf”. Firstly, it is the highest mountain in the Aberdare Range. Secondly, Mount Satima is the third-highest mountain in Kenya. Thirdly, among the seven best moorland trails of Aberdares. Mount Satima is the most scenic trail in the Aberdare range.

Mount Satima Altitude

Le satima peak straddles the northern end of the Aberdares. In detail, on the eastern side of the Great Rift Valley. A trek to Mount Satima will expose you to high elevation. Essentially, preparing you for similar altitudes of the high-elevation mountains of East Africa. The trail summit lies at 4001 meters above sea level. Hence, an ideal preparation to improve your general fitness and strength before the climb.

Mount Satima Hike

In particular, the topic of hiking in Kenya triggers the name Satima. it’s for a paramount reason. Lesatima Moorland trail is an ideal preparation hike. In particular, if one plans to climb Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, or Ruwenzori peaks. High altitude adds them to the list of the most challenging trails in Kenya. However, natural beauty and the splendor of distinct vegetation will thrill the heart and make the soul rejoice.

Dragons Teeth Kenya

Dragons’ teeth are one iconic attraction in the Aberdare range. To illustrate, Dragon’s Teeth is a collection of jagged rocks. They soar dramatically above the constantly wet moors in northern Aberdares. Besides their beauty, these iconic rocks are favorite spots for rock climbers.

Rock Climbing in Dragons’ Teeth

Rock climbing is a popular activity in Le Satima Dragons Teeth. Most rock climbers camp here for the crag. Specifically, the moraines are between 3,600 m and 3,800 m on the mountain’s northwest. Rock climbing in Dragon Teeth offers a unique training experience. For instance, suppose you intend to attempt the Batian peak. The high elevation at Ol donyo Le Satima prepares you for the Batian peak.

Mt Satima Routes

There are two trekking trails on Mount Satima. Namely, Wandare trekking tail and Shamata climbing trail. However, there are several access gates. They include; 

  • The Shamata Gate
  • The Wandare Gate, and
  • The Rhino Gate

Shamata hiking trail

Shamata trail is the most scenic trail while trekking at Satima. Also, it is the easiest to trek up Le Satima because of its flattish terrain. 

Wandare Trekking Trail

The wandare trail is shorter than the Shamata trail. However, it’s a little bit steeper. In particular, while approaching the summit. In addition, it is less scenic in comparison to the Shamata trail, which hosts the famous Dragon’s Teeth. 

Mt Satima Weather

Mount Satima is a high-elevation mountain. In brief, the weather gets colder, and more intense winds as you go higher. There’s also less air at these elevations. In brief, the altitude is likely to slow most climbers down. Therefore, knowing what to bring for the Mount Satima and Dragons Teeth hike is essential.

What to Carry for Dragons Teeth Hike 

At some point, the weather can be unpredictable, so it’s advisable to carry all the essentials for hiking. They include the following




  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat
  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Sunscreen lotion


Food & Drinks 

  • Heavy snack or packed Lunch
  • Energy Bars for a quick bite
  •  Drinking water (not less than 2 Liters)

Mount Satima entrance fee & Pricing

Mount Satima trekking package is available for private booking throughout the year. However, the price for our group joining Packages is as follows.

Cost Per Person on Self Drive Option

Kenya Citizens: Kshs 2200

Kenya Residents: Kshs 2800 

Non-Residents: USD 40 

Price Per Person on Group Transport

Kenya Citizens: Kshs 2950

Kenya Residents: Kshs 3499

Non-Residents: USD 50

Included in the cost 

  • Transport
  • Entrance Fee
  • Guide Fee
  • Photography
  • Facilitation

Excluded in the cost

  • Transport while on the Self-drive option
  • Insurance
  • Tips & Gratuities
  • Anything else not mentioned in the Inclusions.

 Please Note

  • Pick up Location & time can change if it’s a private group with a different pick-up Location
  • The charges provided are standard and can vary depending on the pick-up Location.
  • Costs can change if the number of participants changes.

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