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Njigari Forest is in Othaya, Nyeri near Munyange Two Village. Importantly to note, Njigari forest is part of the southern Aberdares Block. The southern block includes Njigari Forest, Kihuri Forest, Gatangu Forest, and Gura Forest. Together they form a more prominent Zuti Forest. Locals refer to the Zuti forest as a Thuti Forest. The white man coined the name since he couldn’t pronounce Thuti. Njigari Forest boasts a beautiful trail with a forest rain cover and a Bamboo section. Two powerful Waterfalls and River Thuti, which flows down to Athi and Tana, drains the Indian Ocean. The Waterfalls acted as a post office for Mau Mau freedom fighters. This is because of their exclusive location. The Trail is 18 Kilometers from the starting point. Ends at Zuti Forest, Plant Nursery.

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Attractions in Njigari Forest

  • An excellent place for a hiking day trip
  • The lush forest is part of the Aberdares mountain range
  • Natural woods and habitat to the forest 
  • Wildlife: Elephants, Sykes monkeys, black & white Columbus monkeys
  • Birdlife: hosts a globally threatened Abbot’s starling, among others like the bar-tailed trogons
  • Waterfalls and Rivers
  • Mau Mau Mau freedom fighters hideout
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Cost Per Person on Self Drive Option

Kenya Citizens: Kshs 1999

Kenya Residents: Kshs 2599

Non-Residents: USD 40

Cost Per Person on Group Transport

Kenya Citizens: Kshs 2950

Kenya Residents: Kshs 3499

Non-Residents: USD 50

Included in the cost

  • Transport
  • Entrance Fee
  • Guide Fee
  • Photography
  • Facilitation

Excluded in the Price

  • Transport (for Self-drive option)
  • Insurance
  • Tips & Gratuities
  • Anything else not mentioned in the Inclusions
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What to carry for Njigari Forest

hiking in nyeri, njigari forest trek

Route options

Here is the route with the presumed pick-up point as International Life House.

directions to Njigari forest hiking area

Please Note

  • During pick up, Location & time can change. This is if it’s a private group with a different pick-up Location
  • Charges provided are standard and can change depending on pick up Location
  • Charges can change if the number of participants changes

Journey Summary

Meeting/Pick up Point: International Life House

Meeting/Pick up Time5:00 am

Starting Point: Njigari Forest Office

Ending point: Zuti Forest Plant Nursery

Estimated Walking duration: 5 hours to 7 hours


  • It is a river line trail, under a canopy of an indigenous forest.
  • One MUST HAVE LONG SLEEVE clothing and GLOVES because of Sting nettle.

Difficulty: Moderate

Forest bathing magic in aberdares region, othaya section.