Tigoni | List of the Best Places to Visit & Picnic in Tigoni, Limuru

Tigoni is a hilly village and a popular tourist destination in Limuru Kiambu County. Explore the things to do and places to visit.

About Tigoni

Tigoni is a small leafy green suburb village in Limuru Constituency, Kiambu County. Located 30 km from Nairobi city. Takes about 45 Minutes. In addition, ever since the days of colonial Kenya, Tigoni has been a home for expatriates and locals alike. Tigoni is one of the most beautiful places in Kenya. The town is a result of white farmers who resided in Limuru during colonial times in Kenya. It is very fertile and has very calm weather. The reason it is a favorite residential spot to the expatriate community. The leafy green hillsides provide perfect ground conditions for growing tea production. Tea is a major export commodity in Kenya’s economy today.

Places to Visit in Tigoni

Explore activities to do, places to visit, and Stay in Tigoni.

Tigoni Twin Waterfalls Chase

This is a short hike under the Mount Kenya Beginners Fitness Training Program. Features amazing scenic spots. They Include Dams, rolling green tea zones, and twin waterfalls. During the trek you will enjoy wildlife sightings of colobus monkeys and birdlife. Review a recent trip to this destination. Please click the link below to watch.


Kiambethu Tea Farm Tour Tigoni, Limuru

Experience the privilege of touring a historic tea plantation in Kenya. Kiambethu tea farm is an opportunity that anyone can explore. Tea is more than just water boiled with leaves- its history, traditions & culture are carved out of generations past. Kiambethu tea farm is next to Limuru Girls high school. 34.1 kilometers from Nairobi City. It takes between 40 to one hour, depending on the traffic flow. After that, you can choose to visit Turi a Mumbi for a touch of Kikuyu culture. Besides Culture, you can enjoy the cuisine and a short hike. Before visiting the Kiambethu tea farm, make a booking in advance.
We have Weekly visits to Kiambethu Tea Farm. Our package includes Transport, Lunch, Tea tours, 250-gram tea pack.
To book a Tour Here with us, contact us at [email protected].

Turi a Mumbi Cultural Center Tigoni, Limuru

For anyone looking for a Kikuyu cultural experience, Tûrî A Mûmbi is where you want to go. It lies along Limuru Road, Located 32.7 Kilometres from Nairobi City. Kwame Rigii, a popular Kenyan artiste, is the founder. He also manages the center. Moreover, this site offers family-friendly activities that celebrate Kikuyu culture and traditions. The center has a picnic site, an art & cultural exhibition, a short hiking trail & a waterfall. If you are keen on cultural tours, you can easily combine them with Kiambethu Tea Fram Tour. They are adjacent to each other.

The Liquor Library Tigoni

The Liquor Library Tigoni for a unique destination to host your next event. Whether it is a birthday or hanging out with friends? Look no further. The Liquor Library Tigoni is a fascinating self-service liquor store along Limuru Road. It is just 32.7 kilometers from Nairobi City. Directly opposite Turi, a Mumbi cultural center, making it the perfect spot for an afternoon of fun and culture. They offer a wide variety of liquors to choose from. Hence, you can customize your experience exactly how you want it. Stop by today and see what all the fuss is about!

Brown cheese factory Tigoni

Go on a cheesemaking demonstration at the Brown Cheese Tasting Farm and Factory. During the tour, you will learn about the seventeen varieties of cheese they make. Over 3,000 small-hold farmers in the area make Cheese and milk from their herds. All-natural cheeses are suitable for vegetarians. A typical Brown’s cheese factory tour starts with a welcome drink and snack. After that, the trip proceeds with a cheesemaking demonstration by your host. The farm has been there since 1979. David and Sue are the founders of the Tigoni Brown cheese factory. Straddles along lImuru Road. It is about 30.4 kilometers from Nairobi. It takes about one hour from Nairobi city to get to the farm. In addition, the Brackenhurst Hotel is a few meters away from the farm. An excellent spot for lunch and a relaxed afternoon. Book a tour here with us. 

[email protected].

The Dam Redhill Tigoni

The Dam Redhill resort is a 23.9 km journey from Nairobi. Fun activities to engage in include zip lining, floating restaurant, camping & picnic sites, as well as boat riding & sport fishing. Ideal for families, hangouts, and team building.

The Buxton Tunnel 

Firstly, the Buxton Tunnel is a unique and historical piece of African history. It lies about 34 Kilometers from Nairobi City. It is on the edge of Tigoni village on the west. Secondly, much older than any train tunnel in Kenya. The Buxton offers a real glimpse into the past for those brave enough to venture inside.

The Buxton Tunnel is a small yet significant train tunnel in Kenya. It’s a 1,670-meter in length and over 65 years of age. The Buxton Tunnel makes up one-third of Kenya’s railway system. The construction was happening in the 1940s. It took thousands of African slaves to sculpt this masterpiece. All with their bare hands due to limited resources at that time. Kenya Railway Authority is manning this tunnel. It has not been functional for a long time. However, with the recent rehabilitation, the Train is commuting to Limuru. Hence, it is worth taking an adventure here. There have been mugging cases. Therefore, It is advisable to visit here with security from Kenya Railway Authority. 

Limuru Country Golf Club

Limuru Country Golf Club is a gem of Kenya’s golfing scene. One of the best places to visit is Tigoni, Limuru. It lies along Limuru road, about 30.3 Kilometres. It has a breathtakingly beautiful and picturesque 18-hole golf course that will leave you wanting more. In addition, try this fun activity and other activities like swimming, horse riding, and grass bowling while you are visiting! It is adjacent to the Thayu Farm Hotel to the left. In the same vein, neighbors Tigoni Lake House to the southwest.

Red Hill Art Gallery is a Modern & Contemporary African Art Gallery. Importantly, It gives a glimpse of Africa’s finest artists. The Gallery lies in the lush green hills just outside Nairobi. The Gallery provides visitors with an immersive experience to learn the passion for African Art. The gallery owners own an extensive collection amassed over 25 years.

The Kentmere Club

The Kentmere Club is one of the best places to stay in Tigoni. This old hotel lies in the beautifully lush gardens of Tigoni. About 20 km from Nairobi city center along Limuru Road. The Kentmere Club is a structure from the early 1920s. Colonial settlers from Europe frequented it. Today, the Kentmere Club has been fully restored to its former glory. Preserving the history of this landmark building. In contrast, its restoration brings the original charm for modern-day travelers to enjoy. Everything about it, from the staff to the cuisine, brings nostalgia for that era. In addition, It is also a great accommodation facility. Similarly, like in the old day, it is still an expatriate favorite.

Thayu Farm Tigoni

The Farm Hotel lies along Kabuku-Tigoni Rd, in Tigoni Shopping Center. Thayu Farm Hotel provides accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking, and a bar. Perfect for baby showers, weddings, Teambuilding, or other events like birthday parties and seminars. It is an ideal spot for transit lunch breaks if coming from Amboseli and heading to Naivasha or Nakuru. It is adjacent to the neighboring Limuru Country Golf Club, in other words, directly opposite its entrance.

Kawamwaki Horse Farm

Kawamwaki Farm is in the rolling hills of Limuru, 25 kilometers from Nairobi. The cool climate and deep red soils make the area ideal for growing high-quality cool-climate vegetables. Firstly, the farm produces fresh vegetables for Nairobi and Kenya markets. They use traditional and organic methods. Kawamkwaki Farm, in addition, runs a small dairy herd. Supplies fresh milk and butter direct to customers in the neighborhood and Nairobi markets. Kawamwaki Farm has a range of horses and ponies for hire. Their grooms can take you for hacks on well-schooled horses through the rolling countryside of Limuru. The cost is 1,500/- per hour.

The Lake House – Tigoni

The Lake House is a lovely place to unwind. Straddles the countryside and is just 25 kilometers from Nairobi city. The peaceful lakeside setting of this stylish home makes it perfect for families, friends, and couples. You can rent this beautiful house for your next vacation or event. Looking for a getaway from the city and enjoying a restful rural retreat? The Lake House Tigoni can’t miss the list of the best-chilled places to visit in Tigoni. Call us at +254 729 257 317 to inquire. 

Burudani Adventure Park Tigoni Limuru

Burudani Adventure Park is an outdoor recreation center to Treat your team to an unforgettable Team building session. Located in the Mabrouke area in Tigoni Tigoni, Limuru Sub-county, Kiambu County. Very accessible via Google Maps under three routes. Located approximately 42 kilometers and about an hour away from Nairobi Central Business District (CBD). To list there are main routes that can get you to Burudani; they include Waiyaki Way 42 KmLimuru Road 35 km, and Kiambu Road 39 Km.

Mlango Farm

Mlango farm is among the best places to visit in extensive Tigoni, Limuru. It is not in Tigoni but nearby. This farm is in Ngecha Village Limuru. An excellent place for a refreshing day out of town for adults and children alike. Mlango Farm delivers fresh vegetables straight from the farm. Visit This farm to explore.

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    Tigoni does it for me it is a peaceful place where I can just be me!
    When I started hiking a few months ago Tigoni Twin Waterfalls Chase was a friendly terrain that assisted me to train for difficult trails would highly recommend for Beginners

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