Ragia Forest Hike & Waterfalls Chase

Ragia forest directions
Hiking in Ragia Bamboo Forest

Ragia Forest Hike is an ideal outdoor adventure scenic trail that winds through the bamboo forest and offers stunning views of Elephant Hill. +254 729 257 317 or +254 734 417 496

About Ragia Forest Hike & Waterfalls Chase


Ragia Forest Hike is an ideal outdoor adventure scenic trail that winds through the bamboo forest and offers stunning views of Elephant Hill. Ragia hiking trail is about 98.5 Kilometres from Nairobi city. It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach its starting point. Ragia bamboo forest is in Nyandarua County, Kinangop Sub-county, Njabini, or Kiburu ward in Churiri Village. Nyandarua County was formerly in Central Province. The forest neighbors are Kiambu County to the South and Murang’a County to the East. The famous Elephant Hill neighbors the Ragia forest trail on the north, 4 Kilometers away.

Ragia forest entrance fee
General China; Waruhiu Itote Waterfalls

Hiking Trail

Ragia trek is one of the best hikes & trails from Nairobi. The Ragia circuit starts at Sasumua Dam through the China camp gate. It proceeds deep into thick bamboo and follows elephant trails down the valley to the pipeline leave way. From the waterfall, the trail leads to sharp descent that leads back to the pipeline way left, which forms a better part of the trail which leads to a cascading waterfall and the famous Mau Mau cave where Mau Mau generals Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi and General China used to hide. From the waterfall, the trail leads you out of the forest through the thick bamboo forest back to the camp. Ragia has one steep decent very similar to that of Gatangu forest Hike. however it is an enjoyable trail and truly worth it.

Attractions in Ragia Forest Hike

General China Waterfalls

There are two major waterfalls in Ragia Forest. The efforts to get to the waterfall are worth it after the short hike on a steep descent. You hear the waterfalls roar from a distance, flowing with majesty and thrashing over the rocks. The waterfall gets its name after General China. Waruhiu Itote, or General China as he is known to many people in Kenya, was one of the key leaders behind the Mau Mau Uprising (1952-1960). The waterfall is similar to Njigari waterfalls in Njigari Forest Hike. in fact, they served the same purpose during the fight for Kenya’s independence.

Mau Mau Caves

The Ragia Forest caves were an excellent hiding spot for General China and his fellow Mau Mau fighters. Unsurprisingly, this cold, wet place would serve as a sanctuary from all those who sought to hurt them – even during the rainy season when they needed shelter most. The caves are adjacent to the main waterfall on the south of the forest. The cave’s strategic location near the waterfall was an ideal meeting point. The roar of the waterfalls ensured the voices were not heard from the caves.

The Ragia Old Bridge 1952

The bridge is a wonder to behold. It was built in 1952 by British colonialists to help connect and piping water through the forest. The water comes to Nairobi city. Surprisingly, it remains largely intact as if the construction had happened just yesterday! We were pretty amazed at how entire this structure still seems today after all these years! The bridge is a masterpiece of engineering that has withstood the test of time.

Other attractions in Ragia forest include

  • The indigenous forest.
  • Natural woods and habitat to the forest 
  • Wildlife: Elephants, Sykes monkeys, black& white Columbus Monkeys
  • Birdlife: hosts a globally threatened Abbot’s starling, among others like the bar-tailed trogons.

Charges per person

If you’re looking for an amazing outdoor adventure, you’ll want to check out the Ragia Forest Hike! This scenic trail winds through the bamboo forest and offers stunning views of Elephant Hill and the surrounding countryside. It’s a great way to spend a day outdoors with friends or family. The cost for a typical group joining tour organized by Wild Springs Adventures are as follows. Please note it is possible to join our Wild Springs Adventures group while on self-drive.

Cost Per Person on Self-Drive Option

Kenya Citizens: Kshs 2300

Kenya Residents: Kshs 2600

Non-Residents: USD 40

Cost Per Person on Group Transport

Kenya Citizens: Kshs 3250

Kenya Residents: Kshs 4250

Non-Residents: USD 60

Included in the cost

  • Kenya Forest Service Entrance Fee
  • Guide Fee
  • Photography
  • Facilitation fee
  • Community fee
  • Transport from Nairobi and Back

Excluded in the Price

  • Transport (for Self-drive option)
  • Insurance
  • Tips & Gratuities
  • Anything else not mentioned in the Inclusions

What to carry for Ragia Forest Hike

  • Hiking Boots with excellent Grip
  • Poncho
  • Fleece jacket or a Hiking Down Jacket
  • Thermal T-shirt
  • Hiking Pant
  • Trekking Pole
  • Hiking Backpack
  • Camelback to carry water
  • At least 2litres of water
  • Snacks/packed lunch
  • Change of clothes after the Hike: extra T-shirt, Pants, and sports shoes.

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Here is the route with the presumed pick-up point as International Life House.

route to ragia forest, directions to ragia forest
Directions to Ragia Forest Hike

Journey Summary to Ragia Forest Hike

Meeting/Pick up Point: _International Life House

Meeting/Pick up Time:  _6:00 am

Route:                  Waiyaki Way or Limuru Road    

Starting Point: China Camp

Ending point: China Camp

Estimated Walking duration: 3 hours to 6 hours

Terrain: It is an animal trail, under a canopy of an indigenous forest, with a few muddy and slippery sections.

Difficulty: Moderate

Star Rating: ***

Contact us if you would like to Visit Ragia Forest Hike. Call Or text

+254 729 257 317 or +254 734 417 496

Please Note

  • Pick up Location & time can change if it’s a private group with a different pick-up Location.
  • Charges provided are standard and can change depending on the pick up Location
  • Charges can change if the number of participants changes

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